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Product Writing @ Uber

The Problem: Most of us don’t understand how our cities move. This makes it hard for us to imagine—and design—better cities.  

The Solution:  Anonymize data from every Uber trip taking place around the world. Build a tool—Uber Movement—to help people access this data. Make it really, really easy to understand.

My Role: Lead Content Strategist

The Problem: People love Uber as a product, but not as a brand.

The Solution: Make the product more lovable by rewriting the rider app to sound more like a human talking to another human, rather than a robot talking to another (kind of hostile) robot.

My Role: Lead Content Strategist


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The Problem: The old driver app was difficult to navigate and didn’t support drivers in the ways they needed to be supported.

The Solution: Design a new app from the ground up, using driver input and feedback as the north star.

My Role: Lead Content Strategist


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Product narratives @ ideo

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